Current Events

Brookdale Fun Fair
5th Grade Car Wash

Saturday June 3rd

9am - 3pm



Thursday June 15th


Volunteer - Call Igor at 917-379-3890


Virtual Parent's Night

Tuesday May 16th 7pm


Volunteers Needed

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Event Forms & Info

Already in charge of an event or are you interested?  Visit the below guide to get a better idea of what’s involved. 

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Your Event Chairs

Mum & Pumpkin Sale

Hillary Walter & Gina Percio

Pumpkin Patch

Thomas Knapp & Meredith Cozzarelli

Trunk or Treat

Charina Schott & Megan Augustowicz

Halloween Dance

James Cozzarelli

After School Enrichment

Laurie Orosz & Justin Misurell


Zeke & Jennifer Harvey


Amy LaMonica & Kristin Farooq


Mimi Jacobs & Kristin Farooq

Red Cross Jump-a-Thon

Susan Houriet

Calendar Raffle

Anthony Puleo

Holiday Gift Shop

Joyce Laurel & Taryn Ellis


Kathleen McGuire & Ellen Hagen

Curriculum Enrichment

Keri Misurell & Taryn Ellis


Samantha Wallace & Jennifer Barros

Spirit Wear

Megan Augustowicz & Jaclyn Bouididy

Teacher Appreciation

Gina Percio & Marsha (Maria) Drozdov

Gift Card

Samantha Wallace + 1 more needed


Keri Misurell

Fun Fair

James Cozzarelli & Gina Percio

Green Bagels

Tommy Knapp & Michele Harriott

Holiday Decorating

Jennifer Dour & Claudia Cashman

Movie Night

Lee Helland & Mimi Jacobs

Holiday Marketplace

Samantha Wallace & Keri Misurell

Cheesecake Sale

Laura Venezia & Michele Harriott

Small World Day

Lee Helland

Dine Around

Michele Harriott

Year Round Committees

Social Chairs

Ana Piore & Preeti Arya

Birthday Chairs

Eve Kalloudis & Taryn Ellisi

6th Grade Yearbook

Charina Schott & Megan Augustowicz

5th Grade Fundraising

Jennifer Harvey, Jackie LaBadia, Alyssa Belmonte, Patricia Bailey, Heather Dworak, Hillary Walter, Zakkiya Miller, & Militza Diaz

6th Grade Fundraising

Jessica Borovay, Charina Schott, Megan Augustowicz, Lisa Accunzo Cheplic, Danielle Kepler, & Amanda Pinales