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Agenda for the March Meeting

We are all set for tonight’s HSA meeting. Below you’ll find a link to the agenda, which is packed with good discussions on:

  • Details for the upcoming Monte Carlo Night, which is set for April 18th
  • Our potential participation in a town-wide flag football league
  • A recap of Small World Day
  • The next round of Spirit Wear sales

And of course great info from our Principal, faculty reps, and BoE rep. See below for more and we hope to see you there tonight.

Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – March 2015 (PDF)

Meeting Agenda for May 7, 2014

We have a super-packed agenda for tomorrow night, including:

  • A rundown of the numerous activities happening between now and the end of the year
  • An introduction to the two candidates for Co-President
  • A discussion of the HSA’s annual gift to the school, which will be determined at the next meeting

Full agenda is here: Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – May 7, 2014 (PDF)

See you tomorrow!

Meeting Agenda for January 8, 2014

The agenda for our first meeting of 2014 – this Wednesday at 7pm in the library – is ready to go. You can check it out via the link below:

Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – Jan 8, 2014 (PDF)

And if you’d like to revisit the minutes from the previous meeting in November, they can be found right here.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts in advance please let us know. We hope to see you there!

Agenda for November 13, 2013

We are all set for Wednesday’s HSA meeting, which will take place at 7pm in the library. You can access the agenda below.

Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – Nov 13, 2013 (PDF)

One thing we’d like to do more of is get broader input on ideas and opportunities that come to the HSA on a monthly basis. The idea is to make the meetings more discussion-oriented, and to that end we’ve identified a few topics to cover this month. You can check them out on the agenda.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday night.

Agenda for the October HSA Meeting

This month’s meeting is set for Wednesday, October 9th, at 7pm. To preview the full agenda, click the link below.

Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – Oct 9, 2013 (PDF)

If you have any thoughts or questions in advance, let us know. By tomorrow we’ll put up a short post regarding the Typing Pal item on the agenda in order to provide a little information in advance. So check back for more.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!