Photo Credit: Noel Gatts & Megan Wilt

Good afternoon everyone! We hope this post finds everyone in our Brookdale Community healthy and safe! As the weather transitions from winter to spring and more families take socially distanced strolls around our neighborhood, we (credit: Megan Wilt & Ms. Barton) thought it would be a great during this break to start a community based art initiative where parents either create with, or have their child create art pieces that are displayed on the front doors, inside our storm doors or on the front facing windows of our homes.

The overall goal is to create an outdoor art gallery stroll of our students work so that kids and families get to see nice things while walking around our neighborhood.

We would like to incorporate the hashtags #BrookdaleStrong & #BloomfieldStrong into the artwork and also use these same hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when you post any images so that we can track them.

Also, please tag our school Instagram account if you post it there: @07003Brookdale

Or tag us on twitter: @Brookdalehsa.

Lastly, we are aware that every parents schedule has been impacted differently and as such, this is a completely 100% optional project.

Stay safe and we hope to see some artwork during our next stroll!

The Brookdale HSA Board