HSA Board Statement – 2018-04-04

Dear Brookdale Families:

As you know, elections for the HSA executive board are scheduled for April 18th. There have been two candidates who expressed interest in the co-president position. As currently written the by-laws of the HSA provide that any candidate for the co-president position have served on the board for one of the past five years. The board has made the decision to enforce the provision in the by-laws. One of the candidates, Tina Gallina, meets this criterion as she has served as secretary for the past two years. The other, Jody Polidoro, has not served on the board in the past five years. Technically, Mrs. Gallina is the only “eligible” candidate.

Several members of the HSA have expressed dissatisfaction with the board’s decision to enforce the by-laws, citing their desire to have a choice of candidate. Accordingly, a member of the HSA has proposed an amendment to the by-laws that would remove the criterion for co-president candidates and allow anyone to run for co-president, including Mrs. Polidoro. We will vote on the amendment prior to electing the HSA officers. Per our current by-laws, 2/3 of the voting members present at the meeting must approve the amendment.

After the vote on the amendment, we will proceed to election of officers. The candidates for the other offices are:

Secretary – John Nance, Amanda Pinales

Distributing Treasurer – Michele Camacho

Collecting Treasurer – Lisa Cheplic, Jenn Laino

Thank you for your participation and all you do for our children.