Monthly Archives: August 2017

New Brookdale Principal – Ms. Lauren Barton

Please welcome Ms. Lauren Barton as the new Brookdale School Principal!

Here is a short bio on Ms. Barton:

“Ms. Barton is a graduate of Demarest Elementary School, Bloomfield Middle School, and Bloomfield High School.  Ms. Barton received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Scranton and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Montclair State University.  Ms. Barton began her teaching career at Fairview School and transferred to Bloomfield Middle School in 2009.  Ms. Barton believes that the importance of the school community is what guides and supports the learning process toward success.  Ms. Barton is eager to lead a school community by inspiring all stakeholders.”

You can follow Ms. Barton’s Twitter feed at @BrookPrincipal
Ms. Barton is hosting an Ice Cream Social on August 31st from 4 to 6 PM at the Brookdale School playground.