Basketball Practice Schedule

Did you know we have more than 85 students and 20 volunteer coaches/assistants participating in the Brookdale basketball program this year? It is going to be an exciting season. While an e-mail is going out we thought to also post the standing practice schedule here on the site.

Below is the schedule, which is of course subject to change in a given week so keep your eyes open for updates.

+ Mon, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Girls and 5th Grade Girls
+ Mon, 7pm-8pm:  6th Grade Boys/Girls
+ Tues, 6pm-7pm:  5th Grade Boys RED
+ Tues, 7pm-8pm:  5th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Wed, 6pm-7pm:  5th Grade Girls
+ Wed, 7pm-8pm:  4th Grade Boys RED
+ Thurs, 5pm-6pm:  4th Grade Girls
+ Thurs, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Thurs, 7pm-8pm:  5th Grade Boys BLUE and 5th Grade Boys RED
+ Fri, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Boys RED and 4th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Fri, 7pm-8pm:  6th Grade Boys/Girls