Monthly Archives: December 2014

Minutes from the November Meeting

To tide everyone over until our next meeting in January, below are the minutes from the November get-together. Among many things we covered the Calendar Raffle (just launched a few days ago) and a few other fundraisers we are considering for this year.

Click the link for all the relevant notes. And as always, if you have any questions please let us know.

BROOKDALE HSA Minutes – Nov 12, 2014 (PDF)

Basketball Practice Schedule

Did you know we have more than 85 students and 20 volunteer coaches/assistants participating in the Brookdale basketball program this year? It is going to be an exciting season. While an e-mail is going out we thought to also post the standing practice schedule here on the site.

Below is the schedule, which is of course subject to change in a given week so keep your eyes open for updates.

+ Mon, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Girls and 5th Grade Girls
+ Mon, 7pm-8pm:  6th Grade Boys/Girls
+ Tues, 6pm-7pm:  5th Grade Boys RED
+ Tues, 7pm-8pm:  5th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Wed, 6pm-7pm:  5th Grade Girls
+ Wed, 7pm-8pm:  4th Grade Boys RED
+ Thurs, 5pm-6pm:  4th Grade Girls
+ Thurs, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Thurs, 7pm-8pm:  5th Grade Boys BLUE and 5th Grade Boys RED
+ Fri, 6pm-7pm:  4th Grade Boys RED and 4th Grade Boys BLUE
+ Fri, 7pm-8pm:  6th Grade Boys/Girls