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High-Stakes Testing: Upcoming Town Hall

At the June and September HSA meetings, Board of Education representative Dan Anderson spoke to parents about the changing landscape of educational testing in New Jersey.

Specifically, Dan and others have raised the issue of high-stakes testing and its potential impact on students. For those interested, we wanted to let you know that Dan and Interim Superintendent Nicholas Dotoli will be hosting a town hall forum on this issue on Wednesday, October 30th.

The event will be at 7pm in media center at the high school. Below is a link to the full agenda, which also includes contact information should you want more information.

High Stakes Testing Forum – Oct 30 (PDF)

A Great Story About One Brookdale Family

For those of you who missed the HSA meeting on Wednesday night, we wanted to pass along a great story of how one family and even one parent can have a huge impact on all of us.

During the meeting we reviewed the status of our Innisbrook fundraiser. It’s a big event that typically raises more than $3,000. A Brookdale parent, Stanley Williams, came to the meeting specifically for the Innisbrook discussion. We soon learned why.

It turns out that Stanley and his family were the single largest fundraiser in the Brookdale community for Innisbrook last year. Specifically, they sold nearly $1,000 worth of merchandise. That meant that Stanley and his family raised more than $400 for the HSA and the students at Brookdale. Amazing.

Well, it turns out that last year was just a warm-up. At the meeting it was revealed that the family had outdone themselves. By a lot. In fact, this year the Williams family sold almost $1,600 worth of Innisbrook merchandise. That means more than $640 for Brookdale.

Stanley was very humble, but it’s fair to say the rest of the group at the meeting was truly impressed. We share this story because it illustrates perfectly what makes the Brookdale community strong and special. We thrive because of numerous selfless individual efforts –  running Mum sales, spending 6 hours on a Saturday landscaping the school grounds, and, yes, selling an insane amount of gift wrap and chocolates.

We thank Stanley and his family for their effort, just as we thank each and every parent, student, teacher, and staff member that works to make Brookdale better for all of us.

Agenda for the October HSA Meeting

This month’s meeting is set for Wednesday, October 9th, at 7pm. To preview the full agenda, click the link below.

Brookdale HSA Meeting Agenda – Oct 9, 2013 (PDF)

If you have any thoughts or questions in advance, let us know. By tomorrow we’ll put up a short post regarding the Typing Pal item on the agenda in order to provide a little information in advance. So check back for more.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!